1. Sinking In

From the recording Sinking In

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Been walking on worn out feet
All torn up, but I swear that I'll be discreet
Explanation doesn't add up one degree
It's just my darkness that I secrete
Secretly I'm so afraid, but in the real world
You pretend that you're stone to save face
Not a mistake, at all

Turned it over for too long
Missed my chance and now it’s gone
What’s out of sight is on my mind
Lost my ticket and missed my ride

I'm sinking in the quicksand
Struggling to make it back to land
I reached out and grabbed the nearest hand
This wasn’t apart of the plan
Lost my footing yet again
Should have, could have, would have
None of that will help me stand

Speak of hurdles until I can't talk
Run in circles until I can't walk
Bleak outlook echoes tainted thoughts
Keeps me away from what I want