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Substitute Creature are a Denver, Colorado rock band formed in 2018. The band are made up of inveterate performers seeking to blend Jeff Buckley-like grace with the tasteful guitars of Led Zeppelin. Throw in a dash of Nirvana by way of Radiohead and you start to get a sense for the strange magic of Substitute Creature. Having evolved out of some bedroom compositions, Substitute Creature has evolved into something much greater. 

The founding duo Collin O’Toole and Zack Low initially met carpooling to an extremely conservative Christian school. Since 2012 they have created music together pushing each other to overcome personal circumstances and grow as musicians. This collaboration culminated in 2018 with Substitute Creature. Since then the group recorded an EP and have released their first single “Sinking In”. The track was produced by Reed Fox (Decollage, Bun Bun, etc.) at Moon Magnet Studios and engineered by Todd Wilcox at Halogen Sound. It gives just a taste of what’s to come from these Denver rockers. 

Now the band is gearing up to release more music – hoping to trickle out a single at a time as they build a reputation for themselves as hometown heroes. They are eager to play live shows as local restrictions ease and prove to the world that what started as a few home recordings can and will resonate with the masses. Substitute Creature are preparing to hit the scene hard; building on past successes and years of hard work. Will you join them on their rise to the summit? 



Substitute Creature

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